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3D Universe

The Hunter is based on the Boeing (formerly Hughes, then McDonnell Douglas) AH-64 Apache. more precisely the AH-64A Apache. In GTA Vice City and GTA Vice City Stories. the Hunter is an aesthetically correct AH-64A, though in VCS, it is technically a YAH-64A as the helicopter did not formally enter service with the United States Army until 1986. The version featured in GTA San Andreas has a similar design. However, it omits the co-pilot gunner seat (CPG), uses an eight-bladed tail rotor, and has a canopy that swings open horizontally to the right, like the Hydra jet fighter.

The Hunter is also present in GTA Liberty City Stories. although it does not spawn anywhere and can be only obtained through third-party trainers and modifications.

A special Vigilante Mission is available with the Hunter, the “Brown Thunder” mission. Despite being a military vehicle, it does not appear being military-operated in normal gameplay, out of missions or scripted events.

In all its appearances, the Hunter always comes with a dark green color and has a Hughes M230 30mm chain gun mounted on the chin and dual Hydra 70 rocket pods, as well as a set of unusable AGM-114 Hellfire missile racks with 4 missiles each.

HD Universe

An unnamed helicopter assumed to be the Hunter can be seen in a trailer for The Simian during the showing for the movie Meltdown and a picture for Warstock Cache Carry ‘s¬†Lifeinvader that details their equipment selection (located in the lower right). In the trailer for The Simian it’s seen that the pilot is visible in the co-pilot gunner seat, like in previous renditions. The Hunter’s front suspension is raised in order to fit the Hughes M230 30mm chain gun mounted on the chin of the craft’s fuselage when grounded, and is also equipped with 4 Hydra 70¬†rocket pods and is no longer equipped with 8 AGM-114 Hellfire missiles. The tail boom is briefly seen and has a build similar in appearance to that of the RAH-66 Comanche. The stabilizers have moved to the top of the tail fin and the rotor is removed and replaced with a Fenestron-style fan-in-fin. The canopy of the Hunter now resembles that of the RAH-66 Comanche as well. The nose of the Hunter features detailed cameras, mounted in similar fashion to that of the AH-64 Apache series and its 3D Universe predecessor. The engines have been modified slightly too, with the exhaust vents on the rear of them horizontal instead of vertical as seen in the previous 3D models and its real-life counterpart. For this time, comes with a desert camouflage.

An alternate version of another vehicle, also assumed to be the Hunter, appears at the start of the Jack Howitzer series. Jack is pursued by 2 of these in a scene from Loincloth. one of his 80’s action movies, therefore the Hunters used appear to be the previous 3D Universe renditions, as a sake of time sense.


The Hunter is, in all of its appearances, the fastest helicopter in the game. It also possesses stellar handling, but has a wide turning radius. Unlike many other helicopters, the Hunter cannot automatically stabilize at 45 degrees when keeping the control thumbstick forward, as doing so will result in the Hunter getting upside down, loosing control and eventually crashing.

The Hunter is easy to control and is a good choice to fly between structures in cities. However, the Hunter can easily get upside down when moving the helicopter at high speed. It is highly resistant to damage in comparison to an average helicopter, however, it’s by no means indestructible.


The Hunter has two sets of weapons. which consist of a chain gun mounted on the chin, and dual rocket pods. This weaponry makes the Hunter a deadly vehicle. The chain gun is autonomous and automatically lock/fire at targets in a 45 degrees radius. The rocket pods will fire two rockets (one from both sides) at once. These are unguided, but the high rate of fire of the rockets and the good handling of the helicopter make the rockets easy to use and devastating. Like the Rhino. the Sea Sparrow and the Hydra. all weapons have unlimited ammunition. Only the set of missiles are unusable.

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