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Welcome to In Harmony Wellness Center

In Harmony is a boutique integrated health and wellness center located in the Belle Meade area of Nashville, Tennessee. We specialize in detoxification and education, as there is a significant amount of scientific evidence pointing to environmental toxins such as heavy metals, chemicals, GMO foods, and EMFs (Wi-Fi, cell phone transmissions, etc) as the basis for the spike in many health issues over the last 20 years. Although individual client experience will vary, we are achieving some fantastic health turnarounds (see client testimonials) with a unique blend of holistic services and customized protocols that are designed to address individual client needs for gentle detoxification. A detoxified system is one that is balanced and one that allows for optimal performance of the immune system.

For a limited time only, we are offering complimentary health consultations with our Clinical Director.

Our Services and Programs

Colon Hydrotherapy (Colonics)
FDA Approved Dotolo Closed Loop System

A colonic is an internal cleansing which eliminates the buildup of accumulated waste and toxins from intestinal walls, restoring the colon to its natural state of functioning and balance. Constipation, fatigue, and skin conditions are a few of the toxic symptoms which may be alleviated. [read more, including an article about Danbury Hospital recommending colon hydrotherapy before a colonoscopy ]

Total Health Resonance
Wellness Detoxification and Body System Rebalance

The Total Health Resonance protocols are comprehensive and very effective programs that address the onslaught of environmental toxins we are subjected to on a daily basis. [read more ]

Relapse Prevention And Recovery

Total Health Resonance’s Relapse Prevention And Recovery Program comprehensively and very effectively addresses the physiological and emotional imbalances that can contribute to addiction and relapse. [read more ]

Weight Loss Program

Total Health Resonance’s Body Reset Weight Loss Program, a simple yet comprehensive, healthy, and very effective multi-tiered plan that successfully addresses the true sources of weight gain and the increasingly difficult challenge of weight loss that will be effective over the long term. [read more ]

Stress Program

Are you one of 164 million Americans who experience significant sleep issues at least once a week? Do you lead a very stressful life that keeps you in a constant state of agitation? [read more ]


Our massage therapists are trained in a number of modalities including: Therapeutic deep tissue massage, Lymphatic drainage, Russian, Swedish, CranioSacral, Neuromuscular therapy, Myofacial release, Infant, pediatric and pre-natal massage therapy. [read more ]

UrielTones Sound Frequency Therapy

Experience this cutting edge and patent pending technology that works at a cellular level and is available exclusively at In Harmony. You will feel the impact of just one session in areas such as mental clarity, peacefulness and wellbeing, and overall health. [read more ]

G5 Lypossage Lymphatic Therapy & Body Contouring and Cellulite Appearance Reduction

Lypossage® is a non-invasive, holistic alternative to other body contouring methods that use needles or invasive surgery to reshape your figure. [read more ]

Hair Mineral Analysis

Trace minerals are essential building blocks in countless metabolic functions of all phases of the life process. The late Dr. Henry Schroeder, a highly credentialed researcher, said that trace elements (minerals) are . more important factors in human nutrition than vitamins. The body can manufacture many vitamins, but it cannot produce necessary trace minerals or get rid of many possible excesses. The vast majority of people have mineral imbalances which are significantly affecting their health. [read more ]

Far Infrared Sauna Therapy

Numerous studies have documented the detoxification health benefits of this therapy. As opposed to a conventional steam sauna, our Sunlight Far infrared sauna is very comfortable and relaxing, leaving you refreshed and wonderfully alive. Our two person cedar sauna offers relaxing music, subtle aromatics, and pure stress relief. [read more ]


Iridology is the study of health through an examination of the color and structure of the iris, sclera, and pupil of the eyes [read more ]

Jade Micro-current Facials

The only device in the world that features microcurrent, gemstone color light, and sound. Clinically proven to stimulate the cell’s ability to regenerate collagen, elastin and proteins, naturally and non invasively. The perfect device for erasing wrinkles and fine lines. Toning and lifting the breast, buttocks and arms. Great for acne control and other skin disorders. An antiaging device that can do complete body rejuvenation. [read more ]

Nutritional Counseling

Our counselors will guide you through simple nutritional and metabolic adjustments providing you with increased physical and mental energy, improved digestion, healthier sleep patterns, and more positive outlook and attitude toward life in general. [read more ]

Ion Footbath

Detoxify your system with an Ionic Detoxifying Footbath. This internal cleansing has been known to clean liver and kidneys resulting in less fluid retention, reduced inflammation, improved memory, stronger immune system and significant pain relief. [read more ]

Migun Therapeutic Bed

The Migun thermal massage system combines acupressure, acupuncture, Far infrared heat therapy, chiropractic and massage for a great head-to-toe experience. [read more ]

We look forward to blessing you personally with one of these services. The staff of In Harmony is dedicated to health and wellness. Come see us soon!

Operating Hours

Monday – Friday:
10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturdays and After Hours:
By Appointment Only

In Harmony Wellness Center
6596 Highway 100
Nashville, TN 37205 [map ]
Wheelchair Accessible

Fee Schedule Policies

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Member of Academy of Integrative Health Medicine (AIHM).

Total Health Resonance Forms

Our Philosophy

Our perspective on wellness and rejuvenation is unique. We believe that good health is not only physical, but emotional, mental, and spiritual as well – a concept known as wholeness .

When wholeness exists, and each of its elements is working in harmony with the others, a balance can be created that allows the body to heal itself.

Our Clients

Caring, knowledgeable, nurturing and genuinely motivated to help others heal. The wonderful souls at In Harmony Wellness Center are changing lives with the most effective integrated modalities in Nashville. They customized a healing protocol for me with their Total Health Resonance Wellness and Detoxification Protocols. The results were truly amazing, and the quality of my days continues to improve.
– Lisa C.

I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you thank you! I am so grateful for what In Harmony Wellness Center has done for me not only with losing significant inches and weight but also with my general health, self-esteem, and overall mental and physical condition. [read more ]

I have found a teammate to seek solutions for chronic illness. The tender and learned group at In Harmony have improved my quality of life.
– Kyla E.

We recognize that the above testimonials are selective and are not fully representative of everyone’s experience. We can’t guarantee any specific results and the testimonials do not constitute a warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of an individual using our services for any particular issue. Still, we share these to give a sense of what some clients have experienced.

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