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How an Inheritance Advance Works

Most heirs don’t realize the inheritance process is extremely complicated and riddled with delays. Heirs often massively underestimate the time it takes to receive an inheritance intended for them after the passing of a loved one. Even when there is a valid will and the rightful heirs are clear, the probate process often takes a year or more to finally distribute estate funds to the heirs involved. On top of this, the majority of estates have one or more standard complications further prolonging the timeline.

Unfortunately, life’s expenses don’t slow down just because your inheritance is out of reach. Car payments, rent, mortgage payments, tuition, student loans, business expenses, and credit card debt continue to pile up. These are just a few of the everyday costs that could be immediately alleviated if you could simply access your inheritance.

That’s where we come in! For over 25 years, Inheritance Funding Company has helped heirs just like you access their inheritance immediately.

How An Inheritance Advance Works

We start with a free consultation where you tell us how much of your inheritance you’d like to receive immediately. We then walk you through our straightforward paperwork at which point you’ll receive your money. Our whole inheritance process takes as little as just three days! Again, the portion of your inheritance that you choose to receive early as an inheritance advance is completely up to you. There are also no strings attached: an inheritance advance from IFC is your money to use however you see fit.

Best of all, because this is not an inheritance loan, there is no risk of recourse on our part for non-payment. In fact, after you receive your inheritance advance, you are NEVER personally responsible for repayment!

Instead, once the estate is finally ready to distribute, we are paid directly out of your share and you receive the remainder of your inheritance directly. It really is that simple. There are no hidden fees, no monthly payments, and the inheritance advance will never affect the share of other heirs in the estate.

With a guiding philosophy of integrity, speed and service, Inheritance Funding Company is the largest and most trusted name in inheritance funding. We’ve advanced tens of millions of dollars to thousands of heirs just like you. To get started, give us a call directly or fill out the form below to receive your free consultation.

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