Sep 26 2017

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Why Cloncom Calling Cards

Compare hundreds of other ways to obtain Calling Cards with shopping fast and securely at our website. Over 6.3 million cards sold since 2001. Security guaranteed. Our prepaid calling card services include:Pinless Dialing, Automatic Recharge optionm Refer-a-Friend, Wholesale & Corporate, Calling Cards Affiliate Program, PC2Phone, Call Logs, Customer Support.

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What is a calling card? With a calling card or phone card you can purchase telephone or cellular minutes to make international calls at very low rates. How do you use a phone card? After purchasing your international calling card, you will receive a PIN by email. After calling an acces number, insert the pin and dial the number you want to speak to. Pinless Phone Cards: with pinless dialing you will not need to enter the PIN card every time you make a phone call. Just registering the phone numbers from where you call will allow you to use your international phone card. Recharge Option: You can choose to automatically refill your calling card once you have ran out of credit, so you can keep calling at the best available rates.

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Clon Communications is an online retailer of international calling cards & phone cards. This site provides calling cards, phone cards and wireless recharge PINs delivered via email.

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