Jan 17 2018

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For years, Japan has been dominating the automotive scene and that goes true for both automobiles and parts department. To give honor to the remarkable contributions of Japan to the auto industry, a parts company even named itself Japanese. This brand has been in the business of producing high quality cam followers and distributor caps for years. It is also one of the trusted brands by DIY communities from around the world and a highly recommended brand for Japan-made makes and models.

To appreciate better the products offered by the Japanese brand, it is vital that we are acquainted with the products. Such as what is a cam follower? And why it is important? A cam follower is a type of bearing that replicates specific motion. In the cam and follower system, the former is usually a flat piece of metal shaped into an oblong that rotates or slides. The follower on the other hand travels along the surface of the cam, tracking the shape by its edge, and translating the shape into a movement pattern. The idea behind the workings of the cam follower is really simple and hence applicable to various tasks and devices.

The distributor cap on the other hand is none other than the good old reliable cap at the other end of the ignition wires and spark plugs. Its function is to act as the main covering of the ignition system distributor. Unfortunately, it can be clog due to dirt buildup, which is why you need to check it regularly and clean it. The distributor cap also carries with it a high amount of voltage making it at risk of getting damage. There are obvious signs of damage to the distributor that will tell you whether its time to replace it or not and these are excessive carbon buildup or dirt, presence of fire damage, broken terminal, and cracks or breakage on the cap. Once you see any of these signs, make sure that you immediately change the distributor cap to avoid further damage to your vehicle.

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