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Letter | 29 May 2017

Jennifer L Bays, Hannah K Campbell, Christy Heidema, Michael Sebbagh and Kris A De Mali

Bays et al. demonstrate that application of force to E-cadherin leads to LKB1-dependent activation of AMPK and recruitment of AMPK to E-cadherin complexes to increase glucose uptake and ATP production and re-enforce cell cell junctions.

Article | 29 May 2017 Stem cell plasticity in the hair follicle Joerg D Hoeck, Brian Biehs, Antonina V Kurtova, Noelyn M Kljavin, Felipe de Sousa e Melo, Bruno Alicke, Hartmut Koeppen, Zora Modrusan, Robert Piskol and Frederic J de Sauvage

Article | 29 May 2017 An alternative splicing mechanism drives HCC Ji-hang Yuan, Xiao-ning Liu, Tian-tian Wang, Wei Pan, Qi-fei Tao, Wei-ping Zhou, Fang Wang and Shu-han Sun

Article | 22 May 2017 An inflammation-suppressing miRNA protects stemness Toni Celi -Terrassa, Daniel D Liu, Abrar Choudhury, Xiang Hang, Yong Wei, Jose Zamalloa, Raymundo Alfaro-Aco, Rumela Chakrabarti, Yi-Zhou Jiang, Bong Ihn Koh, Heath A Smith, Christina DeCoste, Jun-Jing Li, Zhi-Ming Shao and Yibin Kang

Article | 22 May 2017 Tension control by cortical actin Priyamvada Chugh, Andrew G Clark, Matthew B Smith, Davide A D Cassani, Kai Dierkes, Anan Ragab, Philippe P Roux, Guillaume Charras, Guillaume Salbreux and Ewa K. Paluch


Nature Cell Biology presents a series of commissioned Review articles discussing recent advances in the field of mechanobiology. The Series kicks off with a Review article by Heisenberg and co-authors discussing force sensing in development.

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Latest research

Review | 31 May 2017

Nicoletta I. Petridou, Zoltán Spiró Carl-Philipp Heisenberg

In this Review, we will discuss how the interplay and feedback between mechanical and biochemical signals control tissue morphogenesis and cell fate specification in embryonic development.

Article | 22 May 2017

Wade W. Sugden, Robert Meissner. Tinri Aegerter-Wilmsen, Roman Tsaryk, Elvin V. Leonard, Jeroen Bussmann, Mailin J. Hamm, Wiebke Herzog, Yi Jin, Lars Jakobsson, Cornelia Denz Arndt F. Siekmann

Two studies by Sugden et al. and Jin et al. show that endoglin regulates endothelial cell migration through VEGFR2 signalling and controls blood vessel diameter in response to blood flow.

Article | 22 May 2017

Yi Jin, Lars Muhl. Mikhail Burmakin, Yixin Wang, Anne-Claire Duchez, Christer Betsholtz, Helen M. Arthur Lars Jakobsson

Two studies by Sugden et al. and Jin et al. show that endoglin regulates endothelial cell migration through VEGFR2 signalling and controls blood vessel diameter in response to blood flow.

Article | 15 May 2017

Giacomo Donati, Emanuel Rognoni. Toru Hiratsuka, Kifayathullah Liakath-Ali, Esther Hoste, Gozde Kar, Melis Kayikci, Roslin Russell, Kai Kretzschmar, Klaas W. Mulder, Sarah A. Teichmann Fiona M. Watt

Donati et al. show that following skin wounding a differentiated Gata6 + cell population resident in the sebaceous duct migrates to the interfollicular epidermis and reattaches to the basal membrane, dedifferentiating into stem cells.

Letter | 15 May 2017

Kefeng Lu, Fabian den Brave Stefan Jentsch

Lu et al. show that the choice between proteasomal degradation and selective autophagy is independent of the ubiquitin-binding properties of the receptors but largely determined by oligomerization potential.

Article | 15 May 2017

Elena Ansó, Samuel E. Weinberg. Lauren P. Diebold, Benjamin J. Thompson, Sébastien Malinge, Paul T. Schumacker, Xin Liu, Yuannyu Zhang, Zhen Shao, Mya Steadman, Kelly M. Marsh, Jian Xu, John D. Crispino Navdeep S. Chandel

Two papers by Liu et al. and Ansó et al. study the post-transcriptional regulation of mitochondrial factors in erythropoiesis and the role of RISP-mediated mitochondrial respiration in fetal and adult HSC function via metabolites and epigenetic

Corrections amendments

Corrigendum | 31 May 2017

Justin Decarreau, Michael Wagenbach. Eric Lynch, Aaron R. Halpern, Joshua C. Vaughan, Justin Kollman Linda Wordeman

Erratum | 31 May 2017

Yanhui Zhang, Litao Xie. Susheel K. Gunasekar, Dan Tong, Anil Mishra, William J. Gibson, Chuansong Wang, Trevor Fidler, Brodie Marthaler, Aloysius Klingelhutz, E. Dale Abel, Isaac Samuel, Jessica K. Smith, Lei Cao Rajan Sah

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