Dec 3 2017

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This week will we hold our annual Thanksgiving Sale on Tuesday at 12:00 pm CST. Typically this is a smaller sale but we have sellers who are motivated to move their inventory. I hope you can make the sale, enjoy some pizza and do some business.

Earlier this week I read an article by one of my former coaches titled “You Will Hit What You See”. It reminded me that regardless of the sport, keeping your eye on the ball is preached over and over. If you are playing baseball, you have to see the ball to hit it. In basketball, you have to focus on the goal to make a basket. In football, you have to see what you are tackling. Mistakes will happen and can be attributed to lack of focus on the objective. This is also true in our daily lives. What we focus or concentrate on becomes what we see. This week, I want to challenge you to focus on the many blessings you have. There will be times, regardless of your situation, that you will be depressed, upset and sad but you must focus on the good things. Allow yourself to lose focus on those blessings and you will miss your target. Remember, keep your eye on the ball!

This week’s trivia question: Who was the first president and what year to pardon the National Turkey and send him to a public park? What is the name of the park?

I look forward to seeing you in the lanes,

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