Jan 16 2018

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best used cars to buy

Best used cars to buy

10 Best Car Deals of the Month

This month’s list of deals includes standout deals on 2017 sedans and SUVs. There are a few leases for under $200 per month and four offers of more than $3,000 cash back. At the top of the list is a sporty compact luxury sedan.

Offers can vary by region, so check the manufacturer’s website for availability and details before visiting a dealer.

Best used cars to buy

10 Best Certified Pre-Owned Luxury Cars Under $30,000

We all want more for less, but there’s usually a tradeoff. For car buyers intrigued by the idea of stepping up into luxury land for mainstream money, however, automakers’ Certified Pre-Owned programs can be win-win propositions. Blending the confidence of a manufacturer-backed warranty with the significant savings of buying used, CPO programs are the best of both worlds for many shoppers. Here’s a list of standout 2014 model-year luxury cars with Kelley Blue Book CPO values of less than $30,000.

Best used cars to buy

10 Best Back-to-School Cars 2017

You can’t please all of the people all of the time, but the following new cars can make it easy for parents and students to agree. Here, we started by gathering a list of vehicles with a Kelley Blue Book Fair Purchase Price of less than $20,000, then we debated and researched our way to the 10 affordable but appealing entries that follow.

Best used cars to buy

My Car is Made Where? 20 Vehicles With Surprising Birthplaces

By now we all know our cars come from a variety of places, often thousands of miles from an automaker’s headquarters. Many of the Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, BMW and Mercedes-Benz models sold in America are made in America, while several Ford, GM and Dodge models are made in Mexico and Canada. Yet even in this globalized economy, surprises remain. Here are 20 cars built in places you might least expect, further evidence it’s a small world after all.

Best used cars to buy

10 Best-Selling Cars of 2017. so Far

In the first half of this year, nearly 8.5 million new cars, trucks, SUVs and vans were sold in the United States. And of the more than 300 models out there, the top 10 bestsellers accounted for one out of every four new vehicles sold. While sedans like Camry and Accord have long held the top slots behind the top-selling pickup trucks, they’ve been displaced for now (forever?) by a trio of compact SUVs. Here are the top-selling models through the first six months of 2017.

Best used cars to buy

Our 10 Most Awarded Cars of 2017

Whether you’re just starting to shop or you’ve narrowed it down to a couple favorites, our annual awards and 10 Best lists can provide valuable guidance and confidence. Here we celebrate the best of the best, highlighting the 10 cars and SUVs we awarded and recognized most often in 2017.

Best used cars to buy

10 Most Fuel-Efficient SUVs

Welcome to the intersection of SUV versatility and car-like efficiency. Nine of the following 10 SUVs are rated to deliver better than 30 mpg city/highway combined fuel economy, and two of them offer three rows of seats. Check out the 10 most fuel-efficient SUVs of the 2017 model year, ranked by the EPA’s combined fuel economy ratings.

Best used cars to buy

10 Best Used Trucks Under $10,000

Few will argue with the contention that the most American vehicle on the road is the pickup truck. Whether it is hauling lumber to a construction site or pulling a bass boat to the lake, the pickup truck has a special place in our culture. Country music artists sing about them, teenagers crave them and ranchers depend upon them until the cows come home. But a new truck might just be out of your financial reach. To help deal with that economic fact of life, we at Kelley Blue Book with the aid of our Master Mechanic have put together this list of the best used trucks under $10,000. No, they won’t have that new-truck smell, but taken care of correctly they can be your faithful companion for years to come. At publishing time, every model on this list has a Kelley Blue Book Fair Market Value of less than $10,000, and none is more than 10 years old.

Best used cars to buy

10 Most Fun SUVs

It wasn’t so long ago that SUVs were at their most playful when surrounded by dirt, rocks and trees. Fast forward to 2017 and there’s just one off-road specialist on this year’s list of 10 Most Fun SUVs. If your idea of a good time lies somewhere down a dirt road, you might have better luck with a truck. If you’re more drawn to the concepts of speed, handling and driving feel, keep reading.

Best used cars to buy

10 Coolest New Cars Under $18,000

In addition to several familiar faces and a repeat winner, our annual list of affordable cool cars includes three new entries this year. All of them are fun, stylish and versatile in varying combinations, and each is available for less than $18,000 according to our regional Kelley Blue Book Fair Purchase Prices as of May 9, 2017.

Best used cars to buy

Top 8 Cars in Film: You Ought to be in the Movies With These Rides

Film and car buffs alike have been flocking to theaters to see the eighth installment in the Fast and Furious franchise, the Fate of the Furious, in no small part due to the introduction of the film’s hero car, the 2018 Dodge Demon, an 840-horsepower street legal dragster. The Demon was unveiled with much fanfare at this year’s New York International Auto Show, with Vin Diesel, who plays Dominic Toretto in the series, making an appearance. Depending upon your checking account balance, you might have a chance at buying one of the 3,000 Demons promised for the U.S. market with an asking price that’s likely to be north of $80,000. But if $80K is out of your reach — or beneath your budget — here are eight other cars with movie connections that you can buy, some with fairly attractive current prices.

Best used cars to buy

5 Best Electric Cars Under $40,000

The 2017 model year brought with it two new all-electric vehicles with starting sticker prices under $40,000, and they proceeded to finish first and second on this list. Keep in mind all of these vehicles are eligible for a $7,500 federal tax credit — in addition to potential state and local incentives — bringing the net price for each of them to below $30,000.

Best used cars to buy

5 Best Plug-in Hybrid Cars Under $40,000

With a plug-in hybrid you can drive 20 miles every day and never have to fill up with gas. But unlike an all-electric car, a plug-in hybrid can also hop from gas station to gas station on a cross-country road trip if the need arises. The following five standouts run the gamut from reliable, affordable Best Buy Award winner to Euro-performance wagon, and all of them are available for less than $40,000 even before factoring applicable tax credits.

Best used cars to buy

10 Best Hybrid Cars Under $40,000

Today’s hybrid vehicles aren’t just more efficient than ever, they’re also better equipped and more enjoyable to drive. This year’s list of standout hybrids presents a wide range of options including several midsize sedans, a pair of SUVs and three entries rated to return 50 mpg or better. And while our cutoff is $40,000, all but two of them actually start under $30,000.

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