Oct 11 2017

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Kenya Methodist University The Future is Here

On Wednesday 14th June 2017, the Student’s Welfare department in collaboration with our Muslim community at KeMU our Peace Council Club visitedthe Children’s cancer ward at Kenyatta National Hospital.

As we are a University guided by certain values; love, empathy, community service and many more. Our students felt the need and the urgency to reach out and to serve.

What we all learnt and what we all had in common from our experience that day were simple lessons of humility and happiness. These children face so many challenges each and every day, a magnitude of which they don’t even know nor understand. They don’t have the basic necessities and yet they beam with happiness, songs, laughter and joy. A child’s happiness is so innocent and their love and laughter is so contagious! Seeing this and experiencing this was so humbling. Happiness is something that should not be based on any material item or person, it is completely up to you.

Meru National Show ran from 7 th – 10 th June 2017. There were various stands displaying a variety of products; amongst the most notable stands was the one belonging to KeMU.

Kenya Methodist University had a wide scope of representatives; Hospitality, Computer science, Medicine Surgery and Business among others.

By the end of the show, KeMU had bagged the following 5 awards and trophies:

Yesterday, Nairobi Campus hosted all their new students; full time, distance learners, post-grads, PhD students and part timers and took them through orientation in the auditorium.

In attendance, KeMU had a wide scope of representatives to make sure as they welcome these new students, they are well equipped with the knowledge and insight on how to progress forwards and how to make their futures brighter!

Naiorbi Campus were also blessed to have three representatives from KPC (Kenya Pipeline Company) to educate everyone on tender-preneurship; helping us to help ourselves. KeMU is extremely grateful to them for sharing their time and giving very valuable advice.

As the trimester goes on and your academic lives continue, it is our prayer that you will all be happy at KeMU, that you all receive quality education and valuable tools in life to take you through to the next stages in life.

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