Sep 24 2017

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Window tinting is one of the most cost effective ways of improving the style and appearance of your car!

One of the benefits of window tinting film is that offers privacy on your daily driving experience. The second benefit is that it gives an extraordinary appearance to your car without forgetting the most principal reason most people tint their vehicles in Las Vegas area. PROTECTION

3M Crystalline Film is the most advanced window tint avaliable today.

This multi layer nano technology film is less than the thickness of a post it note and over 220 layers thick. This technology allows the film to block out 97.5% of the suns inferred rays which is responsible for most of the heat you feel. No other film can do that.

3M Crystalline window film actually increases the amount of heat blocked the more the angle increases. This happens because over 200 layers are used to create this unique film. 3M is the only manufacture that makes its own film in house from start to finish. 3M is also the only window film manufacture that makes a multi layer technology film. No other film has a heat rejection as high as 3M without being darker, more reflective or both. 3M film has less reflectiveness than the factory glass in your car.

*Breakthrough multi layer nano technology blocks 97.5% IR which is most responsible for heat.

*Metal-free design with zero electronic interference with mobile phones, GPS, and radio reception.

*Less reflectivity than traditional glass.

*Enhanced heat and UV protection.

*Highest spf of any film available. Over 1700+

*Recommended by the American Skin Cancer Foundation

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