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The Allstate Mini Lease

Short term leases at rates substantially lower than a rental! For more information on this type of lease read below and/or visit Allstate Leasing’s website.

Designed For:

  • Corporate Account
  • Visiting Doctors
  • Visiting or Temporary Staffing
  • Seasonal Business Needs
  • The Extra Family Car for Summer

. and just about any short term needed!

Information on the Allstate Mini Lease

The minimum term for a mini lease is 3 months. Mileage Allowance: Our mini lease includes 1500 free miles per month. If a greater mileage allowance is needed, a slight monthly surcharge will accommodate most needs.

You are responsible for providing insurance coverage for the vehicle. Coverage can normally be added to your existing policy.

A short credit application is required and leases are subject to credit approval. Credit card billing may be accepted for either the initial billing or for the entire rental for the term of the agreement.

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