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Everything you expect from

your car. in a car loan

Buying a car, you’re shopping for the perfect match. At Lenders Direct, we believe you should expect the same from your auto financing. Drivers choose us because we’re a leading lender that prides itself on all the same benefits you’re looking for in your car:

COMFORT. The personal finances of so many have stalled ever since the economy has suffered. But Lenders Direct doesn’t believe your credit history should put the brakes on your ability to get a fair car loan. No matter what your situation, we aim to design a solution that’s as comfortable as the ride of your new car.

PERFORMANCE. Our professional staff is dedicated to custom creating loans that perform for you even after you buy your car. Equitable terms will not only put you in the driver’s seat, they’ll help repair damaged credit and build good credit down the road.

SPEED. People tell us they come to the team at Lenders Direct because they like doing business with us. Our expedited application process comes standard. They also tell us that we’re among the fastest anywhere. We accelerate your application so you can go from zero to approved in 24 hours or less.

> Who We Are

Lenders Direct is a team of financial professionals with a legacy of solving credit problems innovatively, respectfully and efficiently. We are privately funded and headquartered in Fairfield County, CT. We serve customers large and small across the country and we’re here to help you.

> what we do

Our specialty is offering made-to-order auto loans to customers who have trouble borrowing through traditional lending channels. We don’t finance by formula as many banks do. We look at every customer’s situation separately and build a solution just for him or her.

> why lenders direct?

Call us toll-free at 866.485.0440

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