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Recent Highlights

Our volunteers set out on a mission this week: to get Makya adopted! This precious girl is our longest-term resident at our Fulton County Animal Services location. She has been great with multiple kennel mates and has weathered the shelter environment for many months. But, as you can imagine, she’s ready to leave the shelter life behind for good! To help get her adopted, our volunteers have been taking her out for adventures all over Atlanta this week! From the Atlanta BeltLine to Decatur Square, Makya has loved her week out on the town!

Spring and summer months are our busiest seasons in animal welfare, particularly because it’s kitten season! Due to unwanted litters, we see an influx of kittens and cats in our Atlanta county shelters. Here are 5 ways you can help!

Summers in Atlanta are perfect for hiking the North Georgia Mountains or going on a stroll through Sweetwater Creek State Park! But there’s nothing better than hiking on a gorgeous day with your new best friend! We’ve put together our favorite hiking ready pups – even if your idea of hiking is just a bar crawl through Atlanta – these guys would love to tag along!

When Kash came into our care, he was terrified. He would huddle in the back of his kennel, refusing to make eye contact with anyone who would pass. He would hide behind the other dogs, hoping no one would notice him. We didn’t know exactly what happened in his past, be we did know it wasn’t good.

It’s no secret that larger, metropolitan cities in the United States are faced with a roaming dog problem, including many of our neighborhoods in Atlanta. Some of these dogs are strays and some are owned, but all have one thing in common: they are usually uncared for, unsocialized and they sometimes pose a threat to public safety.

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