Apr 30 2017

Liquid Glass LG-100 Car Polish Reviews – Car Polish – Car Wax Reviews #used #honda

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Liquid Glass LG-100 Car Polish Reviews

Thanks for reading my liquid glass car polish reviews and I hope that you find them useful and informative. I used this car polish about twenty times on different types of cars before I wrote this review. I do like to fully test anything I do a review about and with car polish I believe you have to try it on different cars, different colours and over a period of time to get the best information.

The liquid glass lg100 Ultimate Auto Polish/Finish comes like many of the car products in a 16 oz size. It is pretty expensive at around $20 for this size so are you getting value for your money?

The manufacturer claims that it gives:

  • A high gloss and durable finish
  • Won t crack, peel, chip or turn yellow
  • Never has to be removed

These are strong claims by any standards so I guess the question is do they deliver on the promises?


This auto polish claims to create a mirror like shine and after all who doesn t want their car to have that amazing showroom shine. It states it does this with little or no effort in half the time of all other products. Once you have completed the polish and it becomes air cured, then the finish will never crack or chip. Big claims indeed!

The manufacturer then goes on to make even bigger claims about their product. Within the description element of their product they also state that it worked to prevent and protect against:

  •  Acid Rain
  • Combatting salt spread on the roads
  • Corrosion and rust
  • Many bugs
  • Bird droppings
  • Light scratches from trees

Now clearly if this product delivered against all of the above it would make the $20 and your hard work worthwhile so let s check out the reviews. I have done these by actual users who purchased the product on Amazon and also included my own personal review.

Comments From Amazon Buyers

During my liquid glass polish reviews research on Amazon I found 69 people who had bought the product and of that 69 a whopping 67 of them had rated this product as a 5 star product. The other two Amazon reviewers had rated it as a 4 star product. Now by any measurement you may chose that is very impressive.

I have researched hundreds of products and I have never seen reviews as good as these. I have reviewed well over one hundred car care products and by a long way these are the most impressive results that I have ever seen.

A few of the reviewers like myself used to work in a dealership and we had to actually do the work. Like these users I can also confirm that there is no product on the market quite like this one for both shine and protection. It is the best and my single moan about this product is the price point. If you ever see it selling for anything under $20 then snap it up and you will not be disappointed.

I use this myself and putting it on and taking it off is as simple as that. Follow the simple instructions and you will see just how easy and hassle free it truly is. Some of the reviews also stated that they stopped using this product to try other new releases and reverted back almost instantly. There is a very good reason for that as it is simply the best product I have ever used.

Liquid Glass Car Polish Comparisons

I don t work for this company nor do I get paid anything to promote or speak highly of this product. I just am a huge fan of it as it does what it says on the tin. They don t over hype the product and apart from the price it delivers on everything else for me. The good news is that it also works well on any color car especially black without streaks or swirls.

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