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List of Car Insurance Companies #classic #auto #parts

#list of auto insurance companies

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List of Car Insurance Companies

There are 100’s of car insurance companies in the USA who have a wide variety of car insurance policies. Finding a car insurance company is relatively easy depending on your needs. Most providers of car insurance specialize in “general insurance” meaning they offer typical coverage to the majority of drivers however there are also specialized car insurance companies who offer custom packages for classic cars. antique vehicles, modified cars. luxury cars and even portfolio pricing for car collectors.

How to get a List of Car Insurance Companies

If you are in the majority group of consumers who just need general liability or comprehensive car insurance its really easy.

Simply Google terms like “car insurance companies”, use dedicated sites like who have a database of car insurance companies searchable by zip code or (if you can find one) check the yellow pages.

Its very important you understand how to shop for car insurance before randomly calling agents.

Read these 10 TIPS for finding the best rates before contacting anyone !

What is an Independent Insurance Agent?

An independent car insurance agent can be one of two things. They can either be a licensed professional who primarily deals with one company but works under an “independent” label or sometimes the term is often used to represent a “Car Insurance Broker” who has access to wide range of companies and can shop your application around to get the best rates. The use of the term “independent insurance agent” is a bit loose since many companies simply do not want to incur the cost of having an employee but still require them to only sell their product. If you have ever been paid on a 1099 the life of some independent insurance agents is very similar to this. Brokers on the other hand are authorized to sell products for many companies and usually get paid more commission but have also have higher costs because of their greater indirect relationship with any single car insurance company

How Can I get a List of Licensed Car Insurance Companies?

The best way to get a list of car insurance companies licensed to conduct business in your state is by contacting the state department of insurance regulation which varies from state to state. Most all major companies only advertise in markets they can offer products in and you should be quickly informed when speaking with an agent if they can or can not do business in your state.

Car Insurance Company Reviews

The internet is one of the best resources for inquiring about consumer experiences with potential car insurance companies. In addition to asking friends always use the internet as a resource but just remember – happy clients never complain so more than likely you will find more bad reviews than good reviews about almost any car insurance company.

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