Dec 8 2016

Maritime Auto – Used Car Parts Halifax, Nova Scotia #used #suv

#auto salvage

Rebuildable Vehicles and Used Auto Parts

Maritime Auto Parts sells new and used car parts and truck parts as well as rebuildable vehicles. We are located just outside of Truro, NS and make daily deliveries to Halifax and Dartmouth. We ship parts everyday all over Nova Scotia, Atlantic Canada, and even North America!

We have been participating in one of the oldest forms of recycling since 1932! We recycle and recover metals, oils, fluids and ozone depleting substances. We ensure proper processing of end of life vehicles, adhering to the Canadian Auto Recyclers Environmental Code.

Re-using auto parts enables you to maintain the integrity of the original vehicle specifications for a fraction of the price of a new OEM car parts.

Using green parts keeps waste from our landfills, saves energy and harmful emissions created in the manufacturing processes, and is one of the oldest, most efficient and purest forms of recycling.

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