Sep 25 2016

Martinez Auto Body Shop

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What Our Clients Say

“I couldn’t possibly speak more favorably about the Martinez Auto Body shop, crew or the management. They are an outstanding team. What they say will be done and done on time. There seems to be a very close attention to detail, repairs are done right and within estimates. One other factor, everybody seems to be genuinely interested in their work and that attitude comes across clearly to me as a customer.”

“I have used the services of Martinez Auto Body on a number of occasions. Gary and his staff are wonderful at reassuring customers who are distraught over damage to their cars, and their work is of the highest quality. My cars have always been delivered to me in a timely fashion, clean, and looking better than I could have ever expected. I recommend them with no reservation.”

“Have used Martinez Auto Body several times and find them to be reliable, staff is very personable and thorough. Highly recommend their services.”

“I have used Martinez Auto Body on two separate occasions and been delighted with their work. My car looked great when they were done. The work was timely, done when they promised, and the price was exactly as predicted. No one really wants to use an auto body shop, but if you have to use one I would highly recommend Martinez Auto Body.”

“We have been repeat customers for over twenty years, experiencing 100% satisfaction with every repair. Their exceptional workmanship and positive attitude has made difficult situations much less stressful. It is with great confidence that we recommend Martinez Auto Body every chance we get.”

B. and R. Christensen

Written by CREDIT

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