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Summer car care tips plus a ton of service coupons.

Hello! Theresa Matthews here from Matthews Auto.

I asked the guys in our service department what their Top 3 tips were for getting ready for warmer weather driving. Here’s what they told me:

  • Allergy season in in full swing. Did you know that changing your air conditioning filters and cabin filters can dramatically reduce the pollen and pollutants you could be inhaling in your vehicle? We can freshen up, disinfect and recharge your A/C to prepare for summer driving. Check out the coupon below to save.
  • With vacation season upon us, now’s the time to have your coolant levels checked to protect your engine from over heating. Heat also kills batteries. We’ll check your coolant for free.
  • Make sure you get where you’re going this summer. Stop in for a free 25 point Vacation Vehicle Check. We’ll check your tire pressure, alignment, fluids, belts, hoses, brakes, shocks and struts (to name a few) to make sure you feel safe with your family on the road this summer.
  • Who wants to save money on service? Check out the coupons at the bottom of this email. Just print and save.

    Don’t forget that as a Matthews Auto Awards customer, you earn 15% of your out of pocket costs on every service call in Auto Awards points, which are as good as cash at Matthews and can be spent on anything we sell. You can also check your Auto Awards point balance here. Have your Auto Awards card number handy – it’s easy and fast. (Remember that you have to maintain a minimum 250 point balace in your account towards future vehicle purchases).


    P.S. Did you know that you can get a free car wash coupon every time you get your car serviced at any Matthews location? Just ask when you check out.

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