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Company Ratings

MetLife, Inc. and Subsidiaries

MetLife, Inc. and its subsidiaries have obtained financial strength and/or credit ratings from various rating agencies. Insurer financial strength ratings represent the opinions of rating agencies regarding the ability of an insurance company to pay obligations under insurance policies and contracts in accordance with their terms, and are not evaluations directed toward the protection of investors in MetLife, Inc.’s securities. Credit ratings are opinions of each agency with respect to specific securities and contractual financial obligations and the issuer’s ability and willingness to meet those obligations when due. Neither insurer financial strength nor credit ratings are statements of fact nor are they recommendations to purchase, hold or sell any security, contract or policy. Each rating should be evaluated independently of any other rating. The following charts include ratings for certain companies in the MetLife enterprise. For more information about a particular rating, or information about ratings of other MetLife companies which are not set forth below, please visit the website of the relevant rating agency.

Ratings are current. Ratings last required update October 23, 2015. Outlook is stable unless otherwise indicated.

Credit Ratings

*Positive outlook on long-term counterparty credit rating of MetLife, Inc.

Please see the websites of the applicable rating agencies for more information on credit rating categories.

Insurer Financial Strength Rating Categories

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