Jul 5 2017

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Mexican Auto Insurance & Baja Auto Insurance

Before crossing the border to Mexico you must have purchased Mexico Car Insurance because your American and Canadian auto insurance is invalid in Mexico. Comply with Mexican legal requirements and drive with peace of mind knowing that you are compliant with Mexican Law and protected by a quality Mexican Insurer while in Mexico.

Mexican Auto Insurance is for any private vehicle you drive on public roads in Mexico including your: car, SUV, RV / Motorhome, motorcycle, ATV, quad, dune buggies and US Plated Rental Cars. As some of these vehicles have particular needs we have created a number of tailor made versions a number special versions of the auto insurance for Mexico that address those needs.

Every Auto Insurance for Mexico includes Mexican Liability Insurance. Available limits vary by insurer and product level all the way up to $500,000. Also included, as applicable are:

  • Medical coverage for you and your passengers,
  • Guaranteed legal and bond assistance,
  • Roadside assistance and
  • Travel assistance.

Need higher limits for your SUV’s or pickup, no worries our Mexican Auto Insurance is there to make sure they are fully protected. All the way up to $99,000 plus the value of a trailer, if applicable.

Towing an ATV, boat. motorcycle. trailer or 5th wheel make sure it is include on your policy, please refer to towed units and insure your trailer .

Keep out of jail with our bail bond. In Mexico, you are deemed to be guilty until proven innocent so without the bail bond included in our Mexican Auto Insurance, Mexican authorities will put you in jail until they determine fault and that you can pay for the claim.

You may come across seemingly cheap Mexican SUV Insurance but be careful. while the price initially quoted may be lower, something of value has been taken out or they may be hiding some costs until you get to the end of the buying process!

In order to assist you get what you need at the best possible price, we provide you with the ability to customize your Mexican car insurance based on your needs. Everything from bare bones Mexican Driver’s License Insurance all the way to out must have Extended or Deluxe Mexican Car Insurance. Despite the name, the increase in cost from the standard level insurance and the Deluxe is very small so it is well worth considering the Extended Insurance. In the case of a claim you will be really glad you opted to upgrade!

Don’t miss out! By buy Mexican Auto Liability Insurance only in the event of an accident or if your vehicle is stolen, you have no coverage for the cost of replacing / repairing that vehicle. In the end if you have a claim, the savings never make up for your loss!

Also, consider the MexVisit add-on which cost literally a few dollars to provide you a number of valuable types of assistance for your time in Mexico. For example this add-on costs less than $12 on GNP’s annual policies. That is less than $1 per month!

Please see Policies Options Compared and Sample Pricing for an idea of what to expect when obtaining your quotation.

Special Savings: Customers who buy ACE Mexico’s Mexican Homeowners Insurance will receive an additional 7.5% discount off of your ACE Mexico, Mexican Auto Insurance premiums.

If you are renting a US plated vehicle and then plan on driving it into Mexico you need to buy Mexico Rental Car Insurance .

Its so important it needs to be said again, don’t get fooled by cheap Mexican Auto Insurance make sure you buy a reasonable product at a reasonable price.

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