Jul 31 2017

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Holistic Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center

Holistic Recovery Centers is proud to offer a comprehensive addiction treatment program that aims to treat the mind, body and spirit in order to achieve long-term recovery from drugs & alcohol.

Quality Addiction Treatment Therapies

Our modern holistic treatment program includes a variety of treatment options and therapies such as Individual & Group Therapy, 12 Step-Based Treatment, Equine Therapy, Health, Nutrition & Wellness therapies and more!

Luxurious Facilities & Amenities

Our beautiful Miami, FL location offers a safe and healing environment for clients to recover from drugs & alcohol. Our fully-furnished housing locations offer a home away from home for clients.

These are just most of the insurance providers that we cover. Please call for more information


Being a single mom and a parent of a child with a drug problem has been one of the most painful and difficult situations in my life. I had tried everything, from talking to him, consoling, praying and even an intervention. It wasn t until the law got involved did he finally really listen to the disease he had. I had researched many different drug treatment centers around the US and heard very trusted results about Holistic Recovery Center. They answered my questions from the beginning, got involved directly with the insurance companies and fought for his case. They went up and beyond what was required and in the end I have my son back. He is healthy, happy and employed. God bless you HRC.

Son Has 16 Months Sober

I have struggled with an addiction to heroin for the past 2 years of my life. I started out abusing painkillers but they became to expensive and hard to get a hold of. I never thought I would ever be shooting heroin into my body but it was something I just couldn t control no matter how hard I tried otherwise I would get sick. I have been to numerous Addiction Treatment Centers and was really at a point of just giving up on life. My parents found Holistic Recovery Centers online and thought it would be worth a shot at a different treatment approach. Thanks to HRC I have been clean and sober since I completed the program 10 months ago!

10 Months Sober

I was injured on the job as a construction worker. I had ruptured a disc in my back and the pain was unbearable. I was prescribed painkillers to help me tolerate the pain and at first took them only as needed. It was over a year after the accident and I found myself taking more and more just because I liked the way it made me feel. At first I wasn t really open to receiving help and was just going to get my family off of my back. After spending the first day at Holistic Recovery Centers I felt welcomed and I fit in with other people which I had been unable to do before. You guys helped me get my life back, I could never thank you enough!

22 Months Sober

Thank you again SO much for everything. I believe y all helped Eric when not many places could ve with his attitude and things that he had going on. I will only have the best praise to give to your program and I ll let anyone know who asks! Thanks again, and have a Merry Christmas!

Son Has 6 Months Sober

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