Jan 8 2018

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#auto loan refinance rates

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Refinancing: What is It and What you need to know?

Refinancing is the process of renegotiating your mortgage. With refinancing, you may change your loan terms or take out equity in your home.

Why refinance? You may want to take advantage of favorable market rates to cash in on savings. Or perhaps you need extra cash for home remodeling or education. Whatever your reason, working with HSBC can help make the process easy.

Many factors may come into play when you are making a decision to refinance your mortgage. For example, you may want to refinance your home to pay for your child’s education. In this case, your need to refinance is immediate. However, you may also want to refinance for reasons such as remodeling your home. In this case, your timing can be more flexible and the choice to refinance can be based on market conditions. Whatever your reason, HSBC can help you understand how market forces such as interest rate fluctuations will impact your decision and how the decision to refinance is often as much about “when” as “why”.

Refinancing Benefits for HSBC Premier Clients

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