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New Car Buying Tips–

Money Saving Tips Resources: New car buying tips plus resources for buying or leasing cars trucks. Information and free price quotes on new used cars, loans, leases, insurance, extended warranties, vehicle history reports and much more.

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How To Buy A New Car Below Invoice Price: Learn how to buy new cars at huge discounts, often below the dealer invoice price. Smart shopper secrets revealed!

Car Buying Secrets: Learn the most common tricks that new car dealers use to overcharge people. Great car buying tips to protect new car shoppers!

NEW: See our Car Buying FAQ section for answers to the most common questions asked by car buyers. And our How To Buy A Car video series covers buying and leasing, from start to finish: research, negotiating, trade-ins, dealer tricks, etc.

Car Leasing Secrets: Learn the most common tricks that have been used to overcharge people on leases. Includes worksheet to determine whether you were victimized by a secret price increase or a disappearing down payment/trade-in.

Leasing Secrets, Part 2: How to Get Great Lease Deals. Learn all about lease residuals, how to calculate lease payments, and how to get great lease deals.

Auto Repair Secrets: Find out which well-known companies have been accused of selling unnecessary repairs after undercover investigations were done. Learn how quotas, sales commissions and contests have been used to encourage mechanics to sell more repairs — and which big-name companies were sued over those practices.

CarInfo News Page: Contains stories of auto-related consumer rip-offs that may have received little or no coverage by the mainstream news media. (The offending companies are usually among the biggest advertisers for TV, radio, and/or newspapers.)

In this site, you will find a lot of information on the deceptive practices of many large, well-known companies in the automotive industry. And if you spend any time at all visiting other car sites, you’ll notice that we’re the only ones with all this information. Since our inside secrets and expos?s are all true (most are actually common knowledge inside the auto industry), you might ask yourself why the other sites aren’t telling people the whole story. If they don’t know these secrets, they’re not really car experts. And if they do know, why are they keeping it from the public? Do your friends a big favor – spread the word about our great new car buying tips by using the social media buttons below.

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