Apr 28 2018

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2017 Jaguar XJL Portfolio AWD

Used cars for cheapIf I were purchasing a full-size luxury sedan the XJ would be top priority, and I d take it exactly as my most recent tester was optioned. It looks stately in Fuji White, a name that would probably be more apropos for a Japanese luxury sedan rather than something from Britain. Of course, Cumbria s Scafell Pike . read more read more

2017 Lexus RX 350 F Sport AWD

Used cars for cheapI was about to start this story by saying there has never been a more successful luxury SUV created than the Lexus RX, but after a little research I m finding out that s an old, outdated statistic. The RX, which was the first car-based luxury crossover SUV ever produced, has been amazingly successful here in North . read more read more

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Used cars for cheap

There s no better way to get an argument started among a bunch of automotive guys. read more

Used cars for cheap

Depreciation. It happens the moment you drive a new cars off the dealer s lot. In. read more

Used cars for cheap

Getting a driver s license is a big event in a teen s life, but it can. read more

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