Jul 6 2017

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Cheapest Trucks to Own

Trucks Overview

Trucks or pickup trucks are the workhorses of the auto industry. Found with an open, flat bed for hauling a variety of cargo, pickup trucks can be fitted with three cabin options. If looking at a truck, choosing the right kind for a specific lifestyle can prove very difficult. It s wise for a buyer to seriously realize their needs and not purchase a truck that may be too limited or excessive in capacity. In regards to passenger volume, regular cab trucks provide single row seating while an extended cab adds rear seat room for addition passengers. In order to grant improved rear seat accessibility, crew cab trucks present four-door cabins for ultimate convenience.

The so-called tonnage of a truck is also a consideration for buyers. General duty full-sized trucks are often referred as half-ton models. Half-ton trucks like the Ford F-150 are useful for a majority of customers using their vehicles for carrying reasonable loads or towing objects such as small boats. Rated as professional grade or heavy-duty, trucks tonnage ratings of three-quarter and one ton are also available. Three-quarter and one ton trucks like the Ram HD feature greater load-hauling and towing capacities than a half-ton model. When a full-sized truck is undesirable for its size, you may find mid-sized trucks as an attractive alternative.

Not as capable in regards to cargo and towing to full-sized models, mid-sized trucks like the Nissan Frontier are effective for use by most urban-dwellers and feature better fuel efficiency. Widely available with the choice of two-wheel and four-wheel drive systems, trucks offer a giant selection of engine choices. Four-cylinder and six-cylinder gasoline engines are common for mid-sized trucks providing effective power proportionate to the vehicle s dimensions. Six-cylinder engines can also be found on full-sized trucks as base powerplants for buyers willing to forego some power in exchange for fuel economy.

The reputation of six-cylinder engines in larger trucks has improved thanks to vehicles like the Ford F-150 offering a powerful twin-turbocharged EcoBoost engine. Peak power and capacity for half-ton trucks are commonly derived from V-8 gasoline powerplants. In addition to gasoline-fueled V-8 engines powering professional grade trucks, diesel engine choices are available for ultimate pulling performance. Recently, diesel engines have also been made available on lighter duty trucks. The 2014 Ram 1500 has introduced an Eco Diesel engine allowing for impressive power coupled with better fuel economy when compared to a V-8 engine.

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