Sep 4 2017

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Philippine Non-profit Foundations and Charities

ABS CBN Foundation
Outreach programs for children, their families, the environment, and

Baba’s Foundation, Inc.
Provides technical assistance, education, and aid to women,
farmers, and children. Programs include cooperatives,
micro-finance, agriculture and child education.

Bagong Kulturang Pinoy
Develop reading culture among children in poverty-stricken areas.

Being Human Foundation
Improving lives through the creation of self-governing enterprises.

Butuan City Charities Foundation
Helping families in the poor communities of Butuan.

Consuelo Chito Madrigal Foundation
Provides assistance to economically depressed community by
creating opportunities for advancement and productivity.
Consuelo Zobel Alger Foundation
Operates or supports programs that improve the quality of life of
disadvantaged children, women, and families.

D.M. Guevara Foundation, Incorporated
A showcase of historical Filipino arts, materials, and artifacts.

Dominic Savio Scholarship Foundation, Inc.
Provides marginalized youth access to quality education through
scholarship grants.

ERDA Foundation, Inc .
Helps socially and economically disadvantaged children access to

EVA Entrepreneur Volunteer Assistance Charity Foundation
Helps in the economic development of the cultural minorities of Mt.

Gawad Kalinga
Promotes alternative solution to housing problems in povery-striken
areas. Originated by Couples for Christ.

Jesuit Volunteers Philippines Foundation, Inc.
Promotes volunteerism and renders faith-driven service.

League of Corporate Foundations, Inc.
Network of over 50 corporate foundations and corporations
engaged in social development work.

Marcellin Foundation, Inc.
Advocates for the well being of children at risk.

Operation Blessing Philippines
Provides short-term medical, disaster relief, feeding and community
development assistance to economically disadvantaged people.

PH Domain Foundation
Provides free unlimited email service to people in rural areas.

Philippine American Foundation
Supports grassroots rural development to alleviate poverty.

Philippine American Foundation for Charities, Inc.
Provides community-based charitable, educational, and cultural
projects that improves quality of life.

Philippine Band of Mercy
Provider of comprehensive craniofacial health services for the less

Philippine National Red Cross
Provides relief assistance during times of disasters and natural

Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc.
Engaged in community organizing, networking and advocacy.

Tuloy Foundation
Helps in the upliftment of abandoned and street children.

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