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Norton Bootable Recovery Tool

2012-08-27 16:20:56 | By visiprac

| Version: Norton Bootable Recovery Tool beta

it starts a totally infected computer and runs a scan to get rid of all the crimeware. has saved my friend’s computer who would have lost all of her thesis if she had to reformat.

fiddly to make the copy of the download. can be confusing with too many Norton-type-geek-created steps. AND it looks as if it costs money and you have to buy a Norton product, when you don’t. I don’t believe these Norton guys are tricksy about it, rather they are geeks and do not think like others. Tiresome beyond measure, but tehy make good products.

it’s true that you need to enter a key code from a Norton product, but you can use an old out of date Norton code. Or sign up on the Norton site for a ‘beta account’ .

This sign-up will give you a key code which you can use if you haven’t any access to an old Norton product. BUT the idea is to have the Bootable Recovery tool saved on USB or CD BEFORE you have a crisis. And this is pretty fiddly to to make. Here are steps to take to make it easy.

1) go to this address

2) choose bootable recovery tool

3) choose download store bought (icon to the left)

4) this choice is a download of the ‘download manager’ and is where confusion can come into it. make sure you save this to the desktop or know where the download will be saved.

5) once it’s downloaded – double click on the icon [yellow square with an arrow pointing downwards]

6) this starts initialising – but is not the bootable recovery tool itself.

7) after the initialising takes place, click ‘finish’ there should be a folder (on the desktop or wherever you saved the download manager). open this folder.

8) double click on the ‘boootable recovery tool wizard’ [icon has tools inside the yellow box]and this opens to give you an option to make a USB or CD/DVD copy.

9) when a computer gets infected and cannot boot or be used, put the CD or USB into the machine before turning it on. enter a key code from an old product or from a beta account. and follow the instruction.

Reply by popeman on May 7, 2013

When I insert my Norton Bootable Recovery Tool USB into my infected computer and turn it on, the computer goes directly to the infected site and I can do nothing except turn it off. Am I doing something wrong?

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