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BS8800, OSHA, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001. the myriad of standards and requirements related to occupational health and safety can sometimes hinder progress rather than assist. This web site is designed to untangle and simpify these – to make health and safety management a much easier task.

Each of these standards, codes of practise and legislative items is explained, and a series of simple to use resources and guides identified. Hopefully, these pages will help you ensure that you meet your obligations diligently and professionally, but with the minumum of fuss.

The Safety Manual

Every organization should have a manual, inclusive of policies, procedures, requisite forms, etc .This is a BASIC requirement, so we have identified a quality source, which also enables immediate download.

Information and Download

This is an international occupational health and safety management system specification, embracing BS8800, AS/NZ 4801, NSAI SR 320 and a number of other publications

Information on OHSAS 18001
Obtain OHSAS as a Download

OSHA was created by the US Occupational Safety and Health Act, and is the Occupational Safety & Health Administration. In turn, this body mandates various standards and conducts mandatory inspections.

More Information on OSHA

Job Safety Analysis

Books and Resources

BS 8800 is a guide to occupational health and safety management systems and is an excellent first step in helping you to establish and maintain an environment that is good for both staff and business.

More Information on BS8800

Job Safety Analysis, also known as JSA, is the assessment of safety issues relating to the workplace and work activities. It involves the study of a range of hazards to determine whether precautions are adequate and whether additional controls are required.

More Information on Job Safety Analysis

We have brought together various items of documentation, books and resources to help make health and safety easier to manage. These cover OHSAS, OSHA, OHSA, and many other areas and issues.

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