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Celebrating Our 20th Year

The operators of, the InterActive Financial Marketing Group, can be found in Richmond, Va, humming along in a cool new office space.

Founded by a three-generation car-selling family, InterActive became part of the Dominion Enterprises family in 2007. The Norfolk-based conglomerate is a major player in the auto services world, but is probably best known for print and online versions of magazine rack staples such as CycleTrader.

Even though we’re all grown up and corporate, we still wear jeans on Friday and we still reflect the values of the family that started the company in 1989. We could not have processed 5 Million aplications since 1989 without thousands and thousands of happy customers.

Our online auto loan application is handled on a secure, encrypted server to protect your private information. Your email address is not sold to spammers and we ask for only the barest minimum information needed to process your online application. You can hear for yourself on our online auto loan customer testimonial page.

FINAL POINT. If you proceed to another online auto loan Web site, please look to see if they list a physical address and phone number. Why would a company ask for your personal information and never provide any of their own?

Our address is below. And if you want to call and apply over the phone, just dial 1-800-Auto-Loan. And thanks again for your time.

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