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* Must not be in open bankruptcy.

Congratulations! Based on the information you gave us, you have been approved for the vehicles you see on your screen now. These selections were based on the minimum down payment for these vehicles. If you would like a larger selection to choose from, use the slider to increase the amount of down payment. 1

Once you have selected your vehicle, simply complete the online application. It usually takes about 5 minutes. And, we’ll call you to schedule a time to pick up your vehicle! 2

We are sending an email with the above information for your records. Thank you for being a valued KEY customer. We look forward to serving you.


The KEY Family

1. The vehicle selection displayed is based on the down payment you have indicated and the income figure you have provided. The vehicles you are able to select from is accurate based upon the information you provide being accurate. If you are unable to make provide the down payment indicated, unable to provide the verifiable income indicated, or both, you will not be able purchase the vehicle selected. This will delay the purchase process and you will need to select a new vehicle at the dealership based on your available down payment and verifiable income.

2. The vehicle selected will only be held for 48 hours. If you do not pick up the vehicle within 48 hours, the hold will be removed and vehicle will be returned to inventory. The Key does not guarantee you the specific vehicle will be available after the 48 hour hold period. If the vehicle is currently in the process of being sold at the dealership, you will be notified within “X” hours of your application submission. You will then be asked to select another vehicle from the available inventory.

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