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Tuf-Tex 17" Balloons ( Jumbo )

Available in: White, blue, pink, purple, gold, green, multicolor primary, multicolor pastel, silver, red, yellow and orange. 72 per bag.

$18.50 per bag

Sale Tuf-Tex 17" Balloons

72 count, red and white assorted balloons, each printed with opposite color.

$18.50 per bag

Latex Balloon Holder

Designed for different balloon sizes,

The easy way to inflate balloons.

Super "Hi-Float" Balloon Treatment

Increases the flying time of balloons by 300%.

$49.95 per gallon

Balloon Buddy

Unique magnet ad hook combination allow you to

attach helium filled balloons to any metal surface.

Completly vinyl coated so it will not scratch.

$20.00 per pack of 5

Balloon Ribbon

Available in red, emerald green, or white. Sold by the spool.

22 Inch Car Bows

Large 22" magnetic bow perfect for sprucing up any vehicle! Available in red, white, green, or blue. Other colors upon request. Call in for order

30 Inch Car Bows

Extra large 30" magnetic bow attaches to any hood, trunk, or vehicle top. Available in white, red, and green. Other colors upon request. Call in for order

Plastic Car Hats

Sturdy molded plastic car hats with magnets attached to the bottom.

$7.95 each

Paper Floor mats

17" by 22" paper floor mats keeps your customers car clean during service visits. Packaged in 250

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