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Degree in Electrical Engineering BSc (Eng)

1. Overview

This part-time engineering course is aimed at students who have the potential and motivation to become competent professional engineers but are unable to commit to full-time study.

You will be provided with the knowledge and skills needed to confidently develop, manage, operate and maintain complex engineering processes and systems.

The course is offered on a part-time evening class basis at years 2 and 3 only and is specifically designed for entrants with an HNC or HND in the appropriate discipline.

2. What you will study

Each stage of the course is split into two sections which are delivered in alternate years; therefore, each stage takes two years to complete. You will normally attend classes two evenings per week and will benefit from practical classes and tutorial groups led by staff with experience in both industry and the academic environment.

  • EN2510 Electronics 2
  • EN2900 Mathematical Techniques
  • EN1540 Introduction to Computer Engineering
  • EN2560 Electrical Power
  • EN2540 Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
  • EN2520 Introduction to Telecommunications
  • BS1255 Applied Management
  • EN2601 Design Exercise

Comprises two core modules, five elective modules and a project. The project runs in semester 2, and may be taken in either stage 3a or 3bin the second year of stage 3. A total of two semester 1 elective modules and three semester 2 elective modules must be taken.

Semester 1: TWO (C) Core Modules:

  • EN2562 Electrical Systems
  • EN3800 Project Management, Teamworking and Leadership

Semester 2: ONE (E) Elective, plus Project or TWO Elective Modules:

  • EN3512 Electronics 3 (E)
  • EN3581 Offshore Engineering (E)

Semester 1: TWO (E) Electives from:

  • EN3500 Signal Acquisition, Instrumentation Control (E)
  • EN3540 Computer Architecture (E)
  • EN3570 Energy Conversion Storage (E)
  • EN3560 Electrical Machines and Drives 1 (E)

Semester 2: ONE (E) Elective, plus Project or TWO Elective Modules:

EN3602 Integrative Engineering Project plus any 2 modules from the following:

  • EN3561 Electrical Power Energy Systems
  • EN3531 Data Networks

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