Sep 7 2017

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Payroll Solutions is a company with a focus on being a viable, strategic partner with all of its clients. Our ultimate goal at Payroll Solutions is to enable effective payroll processing outsourcing. While we certainly embrace modern technology by providing our clients with technologically advanced online payroll processing and reporting tools, we still hold onto old fashioned business practices that includes providing each of our clients with a designated human payroll processor to assist with every aspect of payroll processing. It is our belief that by combining modern technology with old fashion business practices, our clients are afforded the flexibility and ability to focus on what they do best—their business.

Our team of payroll professionals serves clients in all 50 states with a portfolio of payroll and ancillary services that are designated to increase our clients’ profitability and streamline tax administration and benefit services.

We provide complete payroll processing services including online payroll submission, electronic tax filing, preparation of W-2’s, payroll cost reporting, time and attendance systems, and certified payroll reports.

Payroll Solutions provides its clients with access to Fortune 500 style employee benefits including major medical health plans, Section 125 plans, dental plans, and vision care. And because Payroll Solutions serves as the paymaster for its clients’ employees, we can also provide our clients with access to our 401(k) plan, saving our clients substantial administrative fees that are sometimes affiliated with initiating and maintaining a 401(k) plan.

Having access to HR support is just one of the many ancillary benefits Payroll Solutions offers its clients. Payroll Solutions provides its clients with access to HR expertise that includes having employee handbooks and other HR services created and provided on an “al a carte” basis. This enables our clients to only pay for services they need.

Workers Compensation Risk Management

Facing a Workers Compensation audit can be a daunting and very time consuming task. However, with Payroll Solutions Workers Compensation friendly reports, we take the worries and stress out of compiling the payroll data needed; thereby converting an otherwise arduous task into an almost welcoming event, or at least stress free.

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