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Main Settings

– Logos – change your site logo right from the admin panel, you can change either small or big logo.

– Footer – change each site page footer to any other in one click from the admin panel. Enter your footer and get preview below!

– Max image upload size – Set maximum size of all site uploades.

– Upload admin avatar – upload your own Admin Avatar

– Other main settings

Dynamic blocks

Dynamic blocks are blocks that you can put in the columns of your site in the mode Drag and Drop. Dynamic blocks allow you to add the following information in the blog columns:

– H1 Text, SeoText

– By Make, By BodyStyle, Latest Added

– Left and Right banner

– Supplementary blocks(Using supplementary blocks you can put HTML code, JavaScript or text.)

Seo Management

Now Site Administrator can add titles, description and keywords for any page of the site. So nearly all site pages are SEO-friendly and you get more leads from search engines. This tool is easy to use so everyone can make an ideal SEO-friendly site.

– Edit title, meta description and meta keywords for each site page.

– Change templates of url generation (e.g. Model– Make – Price – Site Slogan)

– Use H1 and full text editor of each site page

– Edit pages urls and categories, use friendly urls (on a base of the name)

– Use autogeneration of detailed site map in two formats – xml and separate html page

– Hide site technical content from search engines(search pages, print versions etc.) and edit robots.txt

– Add counter codes(Google Analytics, etc)

– Check SEO parametres, such as Google PageRank, Alexa, Backlinks, Directory Listing, number of indexed pages.

Cars management

Cars comparison option

It is very convenient for both seller and buyer to find a perfect variant in their region. User of the site can see Vehicles on Google Map on the listings page in the block Map

View location on Map feature. Wide database of locations will help your users define places they live in and indicate them on a map for other members checking their profile.

User options

Paid services

To monetize your auto web site you as Site Administrator can use any of pre-integreated payment systems that can be set up easily with help of manuals and payment systems help desks. This will allow you to charge your users for services provided by your company.

Site Administration

Clients and Groups Management


Absolutely free installation and lifetime Support

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