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News :
1) new feature. dynamic input box for “other” option of radio, checkbox, and dropdown list field (screen shot )
2) Dropped old date fields “Date(MM-DD-YYYY)” and “Date(MM-YYYY)”, merge them into one new “Date” field.
3) Introducing unlimited levels of dependent dropdowns ( Check Out the Demo or Watch How-To Video )
4) Make more secure web form with reCAPTCHA. See screen shot.

Web Mailing Form Maker
Secure + Easy + Free

Build your read-to-use free secure web form with rich features:

  1. Host your form on YOUR own website! All your form data is stored on YOUR own website!
  2. Customize html or plain text email with variables. support attachments
  3. Send personalized auto-response email or send copy to sender
  4. Save uploaded files (attachments) on your server
  5. Save and download form data as Excel file
  6. Customize thank you message or redirect page
  7. Stop Spams with security image (or reCAPTCHA ) and removing email header injection
  8. Email address harvesting tool can not grab your email address from your form
  9. Log all email traffics (to see if there are any spam activities)
  10. Admin Panel to edit form. view and download your form data
  11. Unlimited levels of dependent dropdowns (watch video )
  12. User input validation (checking required fields, credit card number and expiry date, file upload, etc..)
  13. Unlimited standard form fields, credit card and file upload fields Copyright 2003 – 2017 All rights reserved.

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