Dec 2 2016

Picking the Right Paint For You and Your Car #advance #auto #part

#custom auto paint

Color & Style

“It’s the last thing you do to a car, but it’s the first thing people see.” That’s how Roger Ward puts it. He ought to know. He’s been painting cars for 50 years. Few things can make or break a street rod or custom car like paint. The right paint color and design style will enhance an already cool car, or make an otherwise average one stand out. The wrong one.

Let’s stick to doing it right. The problem is, how do you do it right in a game where there are no rules? When faced with such a question, we did what we always do. ask somebody else–in this case, four of our favorite prominent painter friends: Andre Carey, Zane Cullen, Pete Santini, and Roger Ward. We asked them about current trends and how to pick the best possible paint for a rod or custom.

One point shared by everyone we spoke to was the importance of talking to the painter or designer during the entire process. Although the owner is the client, the painter is the artist and can help the owner determine the paint that will not only look the best on the vehicle, but that will make the owner happy. Andre says he’s had only one customer come in who knew exactly what color he wanted–black. More commonly, customers are daunted by the number of choices from companies like PPG and House of Kolor and appreciate the opinion of a professional.

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