Apr 5 2018

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Our world famous PINEAPPLE EXPRESS is now available in an autoflowering variant. PINEAPPLE EXPRESS AUTO is a hardy, fast flowering and easy to grow cannabis plant giving generous yields of heavy buds coated in resin. PINEAPPLE EXPRESS AUTO produces an impressive 60 to 100 grams per plant of delicious earthy Indica. The vegetation period is just four weeks with a flowering period of just thirty days. PINEAPPLE EXPRESS AUTO exudes mouth-watering sweet aromas with an intense pineapple flavour. The effect of this amazing strain allows the body to relax by creating stress reducing calmness.

PINEAPPLE EXPRESS AUTO Cannabis Seeds Lab Report

These things are tough. I got it wrong and they still produced well.. I forgot to mention in my previous review of this strain that I m using two nft tables and Vitalink nutrients. This time I squeezed nine seeds onto one table and used some lst. For some reason one seed never cracked. It was all going fine until huge temp swings caused my solution to swing drastically from alkaline to acidic and also my poor monitoring of the situation made things ten times worse. They stayed small, about half the size of my previous batch. I had to throw away two whole plants because of bud rot mould and when I pulled the rest down for cropping I noticed the roots were brown and just wrong. They still netted me 12oz from 7 plants. Insanely stinky fruity and white frosty as the last batch but what I noticed more is the amount of resin came off during pruning post cure – I got a good 6g of lovely finger hash that blew your mind. Fair play to them, great plants that will take on any photoperiod strain in every respect.

I grew this in the early Oregon summer- partially outdoor and partially indoor, under 300W LED lamp. I ended up losing a little due to budworm, but finished with over an ounce of bud. After a month of curing I have a jar of sweet, subtly pineapple scented, and effective smoke. This strain hits the body, especially in the extremities. I feel it in my legs, hands, and (gasp) even my balls (no kidding). It s a good body feel, but not too heady. sooo you can take several good tokes and still remember to flip the steaks on the barebeque. There is another benefit- this is important- it will be your best romantic friend. After smoking, and. you know what. my wife, more than subtly suggested we grow another one of these. I willingly and enthusiastically agree.

Thanks for providing a great seed

Best autoflower I have grown. Under a 250 watt hps I ended up with big main cola s growing in mediocre soil.This plants grows and blooms super fast.It is really unbelievable.And you end up with quality dense nice smelling buds.Good job Barney s Farm. Will be growing this strain again.



PINEAPPLE EXPRESS AUTO Cannabis Seeds Shipping

We send all orders in discreet unmarked packaging. We charge the absolute minimum amount for shipping as possible whilst ensuring that your items arrive safely and quickly. In the unlikely event you do not receive your order in the way it was intended, where available, our tracking shipping options include insurance to the value of the products within that order (excluding shipping cost). However we must receive relevant photographic evidence before we can credit your account with 100% the value of your products.

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