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Auto transport services


Auto transport services

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Auto transport services

Auto transport services

Professional Auto Transportation Services

In this industry, there are two types of companies: carriers and brokers. When looking for auto transport, it’s best to stick to brokers, as they are the ones that will actually organize your car shipping and handle all the money and paperwork. Not only that, but brokers tend to keep the prices lower, and here’s why: in the auto transport industry, carriers basically set the prices. They are in control of how much the service ends up costing, and if they had their way, you would be paying thousands of dollars per car. Brokerages, however, keep the prices low by being competitive with one another; since most carriers have to take loads from brokerages, they won’t price gouge customers because a customer can just go with a different company. It’s simply the process of moving your vehicle from one location to another. Finding good auto shippers starts with quotes; from there, you book your order with the car transporters and they will then find a good car shipping carrier to move your vehicle.

Brokerages focus on cars, trucks and SUV’s, but many auto shipping companies can move more than just those. Always check with the auto shipping company handling your auto transport to see what they ship, but many auto shipping companies can move over sized vehicles such as vans, duly pickup trucks, box trucks, and some companies can ship even larger vehicles. Make sure that you have the dimensions of the vehicle available many brokerages will require the dimensions before giving you an quote. Usually the length, height, width and weight of the vehicle are required.

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Living up to highest industry standards

Auto transport services

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Our Process

We make shipping your automobile as easy as 1-2-3. Find out more about our process and how what to expect from our agents. [read more. ]

Preparing Your Car for Shipping

Do you need to ship your car but don’t know where to start? Fear not, you’re not alone! Dixon Worldwide has you covered! If you follow a few simple steps your car will be ready to ship in no time. [read more. ]


Check the facts before choosing an auto shipping company. If something seems too good to be true, chances are. it is! To be sure that you don’t fall into any of the most common misconceptions be sure to go over the top 9 early signs. [read more. ]

Auto Transport FAQ’s

If you have questions about Auto Transport, learn more about the length of time for car shipping, car insurance, delivery and pick-up, transit progress and payment choices. [read more. ]

Car Shipping Insurance

Dixon Worldwide is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Ship your car worry free!

How to Ship Your Car Anywhere

Shipping a car can be overwhelming, especially if you have never done it before, but with Dixon Worldwide Logistics it’s never been easier. Simply fill out a short form and one of our professional agents will contact you a quote. Follow a few simple tips and suggestions, and Voila! Your car is being shipped. [GET A QUOTE]

Glossary of Common Auto Shipping Terms

Have a contract full of terminology and abbreviations that you don’t understand? Read our Glossary of Common Auto Shipping Terms to make sure that you understand your contract before signing it. [read more. ]

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