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Cutting Edge Graphics has a real passion for sports car racing. We have clients all over the country. We can do all the design work, sizing production and installation. Our race graphics can be seen on national TV on a regular basis. We also do some really trick helmet graphics covered in automotive clear urethane for protection. To complete our racing interests, awards trophies for racing series all over the country are shipped weekly. We also offer a full gamut of support items for race teams from custom clip boards, pens, mouse pads, T shirts, posters, hero cards much more

We did a full wrap on this 53 AJR/WeatherTech transporter for racer Cooper MacNeil, 21 years old. He needed some cool graphics for transporting his 2014 IMSA TUDOR GTC Porsche. WeatherTech s in-house photography department is second to none. They created the artwork for this wrap. We printed it and applied it at Alex Job Racing in Florida.

Chrome and neon red-orange livery on this Cayman S. This is a full wrap. Started all white. Bumpers were removed, wing removed etc. to allow a prefect wrap.

One of our most difficult wraps. The graphic is an aerial shot of the earth. To wrap this around all the contours of the Radical was very difficult and time consuming. The graphic even continues across and around the roll bar.

Another Cayman S with a vintage tribute livery. This car started all white, fully wrapped in black.

A tribute to the Red Bull F1 car on this Formula Mazda. A full wrap on this car.

We took the famous Mark Donohue 917-30 theme wrapped this Cayman S as tribute.

Wild pink Cheetah theme for a very fast girl Radical racer. The pattern even resembles fur right down to the individual hair. We designed the whole theme, printed it and installed it.

Brent Nagy designed this graphic for our customer. Brent is a great asset to our shop design team.

We really love painting helmets. We take a simpler, clean approach but are able to create virtually any look from mild to wild. We cover all the graphics in super tough clear automotive urethane.

Another Radical wrap. The metallic blue and black add real contrast to the white background. We do designs and wraps on Radicals weekly.

This Cayman S has a vintage 917K Porsche Salzburg livery.

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