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ESL Travel Reading

ESL travel reading comprehension passages and exercises are good ways to learn travel vocabulary. Doing them will help you remember the words and how to use them.

This page has an ESL travel reading comprehension passage that you should read and understand. Then after it there are some questions about the passage that that you should answer. Once you have finished the questions click on the get answers button to show your score and the correct answers.

If you cannot understand any of the vocabulary used you can go to the ESL travel vocabulary page that has an extensive travel vocabulary list for you to consult.

ESL Travel Reading Comprehension Passage

Travel is something which people do every day. It is very difficult to avoid the need to travel. It may be a trip to school, university or to work. Travelling can often take a long time, especially when great distances need to be covered. People often enjoy travelling abroad for holidays. But for some people travelling is not fun at all. Some people suffer from travel sickness. This means that they will become very unwell each time they travel.

Travelling can be either affordable or costly. It often depends on how far you want to travel and the choice of transport. Using a bicycle will not cost anything as you power it by using your legs. However, the use of a bicycle can be hard work and can take a lot of time to travel long distances. Cars and motorcycles are faster modes of transport, but are more expensive to use as gasoline is needed for them to work. It can usually be assumed that the longer you wish to travel, the more expensive and time consuming it will be.

The use of a plane is necessary for people wanting to travel very long distances. A pilot will fly a plane from an airport for many thousands of miles to take people to places far away. Although traffic is rarely a problem for airplanes, it can take a lot of preparation to travel by plane. People often need to arrive at the airport three hours prior to departure.

A train is another mode of transport which is ideal for travelling long distances within the same country, or between countries which are connected by land. A train driver will stop at train stations on route to allow passengers wishing to proceed to the scheduled destination to board the train.

A number of destinations can be travelled to by using the sea. People often depart from a harbour in a ferry which is driven by a captain. If the journey is a long distance, people may choose to sleep on the ferry while they wait to arrive at their destination. Some people choose to go on a cruise for their holiday, which would involve stopping at many different city ports for a short amount of time. People who need to travel short distances may choose not to use any transport at all. People often rely on their legs to take them to places nearby. This is often encouraged as certain modes of transport have been said to produce harmful emissions and damage the environment.

ESL Travel Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension questions that go with the above reading passage.

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