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Is your company a body shop that does collision repairs, refinishing or mechanical repairs?

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Auto body and auto service shops generate hazardous wastes, air emissions and wastewater and must comply with both federal and state regulations. Please note the regulations vary and applicability depends on the types of operations you perform at your shop, where it is located and the presence of municipal service for sewerage and drinking water.


A de minimis or listed exemption

De minimis exemption, OAC 3745-15-05: If you can demonstrate that the equipment or operation does not emit more than 10 pounds per day of air pollutants, it is classified as a de minimis source of air pollution and does not need an air permit. However, you must keep records to prove your emissions remain below 10 pounds per day.

For paint booths, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are released when painting or cleaning spray guns. You can calculate your daily emissions by multiplying the amount of paint and solvent you use each day by the corresponding VOC content of the material (from the Material Safety Data Sheet).

  • Low-usage paint booths (using about 1.5 gallons or less of total paint and solvent per day)
  • Used oil burners rated less than 500,000 Btu per hour (provided only used oil generated on the premises is burned)
  • Intermittent welding operations

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