May 14 2017

Reviews – Legit or Scam? #queensbury #auto #mall

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AutoSource provides a selection of over 15,000 insured salvage vehicles. Each listing includes a full description of the vehicle with photos. A description will contain the vehicle s condition, the make, model and year of the vehicle, and state whether or not it is operable.

These cars are sold at heavily discounted prices through 32 major insurance companies, 109 brokers, and can be located at over 400 insurance inventory locations throughout the U.S. Canada and Europe. Each vehicle comes with a title and sales documents.

There are a variety of available vehicles including cars, boats, tractors, helicopters, trucks and much more. A substantial portion of the vehicles are property of insurance companies, there are also repossessed cars owned by the banks, and others are excess government owned cars.

Salvage vehicles are typically property of insurance companies due to circumstances that led its prior owner to submit a claim resulting in a settlement. Some of them are theft recovered vehicles commonly found with minimal damage; while many others have been involved in a collision, vandalized or have water damage.

You can sign up online with AutoSource for $20.00 to search through the site. Vehicles may be purchased online or in person and can be paid for using a credit card, cash, PayPal, cashier s check or money wire. There is a 100% money back guarantee.

Many online forums and reviews have alleged that this site is a scam and stated that they were highly dissatisfied with the service or lack thereof. Individuals who had submitted a $20.00 credit card payment to access the site were essentially redirected to a basic web search.

The web search provided links to a number of rebuilder salvages and links to other sites selling insured salvage vehicles. is not legit and charges money for nothing but a web search that any internet user can do for free.

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