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Featured Listing 1969 Porsche 911 E Coupe

1969 Porsche 911 E Coupe

  • Matching-numbers with Northern California ownership history
  • Rust-free, restored example with renewed components from marque specialists
  • Striking original color combination and desirable specification
  • R-Gruppe ownership
  • Offered at $95,000 USD

Porsche has applied the exercise of evolution to its sports cars for as long as they ve existed. From the beginning their automobiles have appreciated incremental improvements with every new variant. Their 911 range provides one of the greatest examples of this pattern, and by the 1969 model year their rear-engined platform was receiving its first of many major generational improvements.

Criticized for its rear-engined handling characteristics, an effort was made to help alleviate some of its tail-happy tendencies. Some of the improvements included, among other things, lengthening the wheelbase by 2.4 inches and helping balance the tail-heavy weight distribution by placing an additional battery up front.

The 1969 Porsche 911 E offered for sale here is a brightly colored variety of one of these important 911s. This car comes from a Sports Car Digest reader and official member of the famous hot rod 911 community, R-Gruppe. Unlike many of the hot rod 911s you now see, though, this 911 retains many of its crucial, original details like engine, transaxle and bodywork. Continue reading

Bring a Trailer Auction 1970 Honda N600 Sedan

1970 Honda N600 Sedan

  • Example of the first Honda automobile officially sold in United States
  • First model year N600 sold in United States
  • Completely restored by Honda N/Z600 specialist, Merciless Mings
  • Numbers-matching example with Southern California ownership history
  • Currently offered for sale at Bring a Trailer

Honda. The name is attached to such a wide variety of products that it s really easier to ask what aren’t they associated with, than what they are. As a powerhouse in the motorcycle and power equipment world, they happen to be more than just a player in the aviation and marine industry. Oh yeah, and you might recognize a few cars they’ve made, too.

The “Genesis” for Honda automobiles was its T360, a tiny truck built only for their home market of Japan. Later that same year in 1963, the public would have the chance to get their hands on Honda’s first production car, the exciting and high revving S500 roadster. With 4-wheel independent suspension, four carburetors, a chain-driven driveline and a 9,500 rpm rev limit, the S500 was a lot like nothing.

Honda’s first sports car was eventually offered with larger displacement in coupe and roadster form, and represents some of the innovative thinking from Soichiro Honda. The direction that Mr. Honda was interested in taking after this point involved air-cooled power plants, as he would later display with their air-cooled, RA302 Formula 1 car in 1968. With the use of air/oil-cooled engines already popular with European automakers at the time, it seemed like a logical move simple engineering using fewer parts, smaller packaging and an emphasis on weight savings.

The first and only mass-produced cars to benefit from Soichiro Honda’s air-cooled philosophy was the new range of “Kei” cars. Designed to fit within the home-market tax legislation, the initial N360 model fit neatly within required 360 cubic centimeters of engine displacement and did not exceed the maximum length of ten feet. To call the N360 a success would be a major understatement, as it would go onto become the best-selling Kei car of Japan, and would enjoy success abroad, with a N600 model produced to satisfy a market the demanded higher top speeds. While not the commercial success that the later Civic was, the N600 represents Honda s humble beginnings in what is now their biggest market. Continue reading

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