Nov 26 2016

Schuck’s Auto Supply – Auto Parts – Supplies – Beacon Hill – Seattle, WA – Reviews – Photos #auto #detailing

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Went to wash my bike today but first I needed some White wall cleaner

These guys are great if the epitome of great were stocking auto parts. They HAVE to do that-they have no choice!

What they do have a choice in is employees: namely the employee’s knowledge level, their ability to help customers, and the way a customer feels after being helped in their place of business.

One time one of the workers got yelled at in front of customers because he was taking too many breaks. Another time, I tried to return a battery that my mechanic told me no longer held a charge-they wouldn’t take it back because his $5000 machine (umm, more like $137) said the battery was good. Another time, I watched one of the employees stand at his station, just looking at customers, not saying a word to them.

Get it together, Schmucks, I mean Schucks. no, Schmucks!

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