Oct 28 2016

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Sell your car here..

Over 10,000 Happy Customers have Sold to Us

This was a wonderful experience to sell my car at The workers were real professionals. I received a fair price for my car, without getting worried about any paper work and got the instant payment.

For me it was like a dream came true the moment I sold my car through They provided me the best possible services from car valuation to car purchase. I got my payment safely in my bank account without any trouble!

Welcome to Simply Buy Any Car

With over 1,137,750 registered vehicles in Dubai at the end of 2012, you are never short of car deals if you decide you no longer want your car. Once you have chosen to sell your car there is then a lot of room for disappointment as this process can be (and usually is) very disheartening. was set up to make selling your car quick, easy and hassle free. Some people opt for selling their cars on classified websites that appeal due to the seller chooses their price and acting as a sales person, this is all good and well if this is your field and you have the time and patience to deal with all that comes with selling your car yourself. However with the majority of people here in Dubai working full time, this becomes a challenging task.

The safest way to sell your car is through Not just because we buy any car, any age, any model and any in state; but also because our safe payment methods and rapid service ensure you are not wasting your time or money.

We understand that in such a fast paced city it may be hard to complete any task, this is why our online evaluation takes less than 15 seconds, and this will be the only thing you would have to do towards selling your car to us. After that you just need to drive to us and we will do the rest in under 30 minutes. You will not have to queue in the RTA for hours on end (as you may already know if you have already sold your car privately) and you will not need to fill out any paperwork, we just require your signature and you will receive your money after that.

Save your time and money with

We don’t only offer you the best service to sell your car to but we also guarantee to pay more than anyone else in Dubai. Offering you a fantastic service and a fair price is all part of what we do, and we will always top anyone else’s price for your satisfaction.

Sell any car to us today and you may get more than you expected. Simply click here and answer a few simple questions about your car and you are on your way to sell any car and receiving instant cash. Our service is so quick that you could get the entire process finalized during your coffee break.

We offer this fair and satisfying service because we know what difficulties come with selling your car and are here to give you the benefit of our experience and expertise. By selling your car to us you will be getting the best price and service as standard and our additional services are just the topping you deserve for being a good customer. We can arrange our driver to take you home or you can take advantage of a discounted rate to hire a car with our partner

What’s more, you get an even more special service if you sell any car to us twice, you will be eligible to sell any car to us at a further discount with our “Third time lucky” loyalty scheme. This simply means that the third time you come to sell any car to us, you will receive a special loyalty price that is sure to excite your wallet!

Sell any car now, fill out our 15 second free online evaluation form and book an appointment with us today.

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