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Why Choose Certified Service?

We partnered with RepairPal to bring you the most sophisticated

fair-price estimates that are based on service centers in your area.

We bring you the most accurate

and fair-price service estimates.

  • Trusted service centers

    are certified for high quality.

    Learn About Repair Maintenance’s experts answer the most frequently asked questions about service.

    Oil changes may be more expensive with the required 0W-20 weight oil compared to conventional oil, but only having to service the car once or twice a year keeps annual costs to nearly a wash.

    What’s Included in a Tuneup?

    Actually, there is no such thing as a tuneup in the traditional sense of replacing parts to bring the ignition and fuel systems up to specs for maximum performance and efficiency.

    No, you don’t, according to every auto manufacturer we’ve talked to. The main advocates of the 3,000-mile oil change schedule are those who would profit by it.

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