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AUDIO get a fat spark to fire that mixture with performance plugs, wires, and ignition systems; and give those spent gases a quick exit and get a rumble to boot with headers and low restriction exhaust systems. And if you crave massive increases in go-power, we have complete engines, turbochargers and superchargers, and nitrous oxide systems. But performance isn’t just about power, you have to handle the turns and hit the binders once in a while and for that we have suspension and brake systems for every need and purpose. Check out our vast selection of lift kits, lowering kits, shocks, struts, springs and sway bars and state of the art drilled and slotted brake rotors, multi-piston calipers, and performance compound brake linings.

We all like to modify and customize our vehicles, but sometimes you just need to fix them or do maintenance to make sure they last. We can help you save money by doing the job yourself, with auto parts and tools to repair any part of your machine and maintenance supplies to help keep it going for many more miles. Water pumps, alternators, starters, clutches, timing belts, mufflers, and more are all here along with the chemicals and tools you need to get repair jobs done right. Regular maintenance has been proven to extend the life of a vehicle and we can help keep yours in top shape with filters, lubricants, spark plugs, brake pads and more. And to make sure you never tire of looking at your pride and joy we have an extensive selection of wax and polish, car wash, tire dressing and detail supplies.

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