Sep 18 2016

Software – Auto Web View Screensaver

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For Personal or Corporate use:

View your favorite informational web pages, plus Images, animated GIFs and Webcams. Create a personalized newscast on your desktop, including:

Download a free evaluation copy now:

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Features of the Auto Web View Screensaver:

Have you been looking for a replacement for PointCast Business Network software?

Use the Auto Web View Screensaver to cycle through a list of your favorite informational websites, plus Images, Animated GIFs and Webcams – and display them as your screensaver. View the latest news, sports, stocks, weather, entertainment and more. Update the web page views as often as you like.

Includes a scrolling text caption to display the current date and time, a personal message, or the status of your GetRight downloads. Link directly to the current web page being displayed by pressing the “spacebar” on your keyboard – get more information about the news item that you are reading.

Unlimited Number of Web Pages: Create a list of your favorite web pages, and automatically cycle through them for display.

Automatic Page Scrolling: Allows you to view the entire page without touching a single key.

Integrated Help File: Includes detailed information on all of the screensaver settings and features.

Advanced Administrative Functions: Password protect screensaver settings or limit the configuration program to Administrators.

Display Images: add Images (JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG), Animated GIFs and Webcams to your Display List, with full support for stretching/shrinking of images.

Save your Display List to a file:

– Create “theme” web page sets – like all your favorite sports pages in one place.

– A list of our favorite webpages is included with the program to get you started.

Remote updating of Settings and Display List: Corporate clients – create a remote configuration file containing all of the screensaver settings including the display list and save it on your corporate web server. Update the information that your employees see at any time, simply by replacing the file.

Error detection: Display a default HTML page of your choice in the event of an error accessing the Internet or your corporate server.

Scrolling Marquee: Display a text caption with each image. Options include: webpage/image name, the current date and time, time elapsed since the screen saver started, or a personal message in any font and color you choose.

Includes multiple language support for the current date and time:

English, French, Spanish, Portugese, Italian, Dutch, German and Swedish.

Set/Configure the default system screensaver:

– When no users are logged on to the system, the Auto Web View Screensaver can be set as the default screensaver.

Fast-function-keys: Provide fast access to screen saver controls:

SPACEBAR: Link directly to the current web page by pressing the “spacebar”.

Press “TAB”: To advance to the next webpage in your list.

Press “Backspace”: To advance to the previous webpage.

Press “F12”: To refresh the view of the current webpage.

Press “F1”: To link directly to the website.

Use the arrow keys: To Scroll the current page.

Quick-Launch Icon. Click on the Auto Web View Screensaver icon in your Windows tool tray to run the screen saver immediately, or for quick access to the configuration options.

Instant Password Protection (for users of WinNT/2000/XP) : optionally enable password protection whenever the program is in “preview” mode, or any time the “quick-launch icon” is clicked.

Drag-and-Drop support: quickly add new items to the Display List.

Dual-Monitor Support.

Group Policy Management: Active Directory users can fully manage the screensaver using Group Policy (GPO). An Administrative Template (Auto Web View.adm) that can read into your group policy editor is included.

Corporate Customers:

Contact us to create a custom version of the “ AUTO WEB VIEW ” Screensaver

for your business.

Use a custom version of the Auto Web View Screensaver to display a list of webpages, images and animated GIFs on the screens of your employees or customers. Provide the latest up-to-date information simply by linking to Intranet content that you already have, or link to any Internet HTML pages.

HTML is ideal for communicating high-quality multi-format content including still images (JPEG, GIF, BMP, GIF), animations, text, live XML data, as well as Microsoft Word, Excel or Powerpoint documents.

Your users can press the “spacebar” to link directly to the webpage being displayed. This is an ideal way to keep your customers in touch with you – keep them coming back to view your website.

Learn how to keep your corporate message and brand fresh —

Please click on corporate for more information

on our other custom corporate screensavers.

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