May 3 2017

Statewide – Car Dealers – Pacoima – Sun Valley, CA – Reviews – Photos #auto #auctions #online

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I purchased two vehicles from Statewide. I had a really great experience. I worked with Sam. He talked to me over the phone, had someone… Read More

Beware and do your research on this dealer and the car you plan to purchase from them. Being a return customer after paying off a car with… Read More

Beware and do your research on this dealer and the car you plan to purchase from them. Being a return customer after paying off a car with them with never a late payment. Along with my referrals, I decided to go back. Thinking I would receive the same honest service as some years back, I was quickly mis-lead.

All the signs were there and I ignored them. From being pressured to buy a car and be hushed of my questions and doubts. The girl in financing is extremely rude and unfriendly and will try to make you feel dumb when you are in doubt. Always go with your gut feeling.

Being told what my deposit was that I bought in cash and then later to tell me I need an additional $1,600 deposit, yes I should ve walked out but I didn t with the agreement of paying that off separately which I was. And communicated each time I sent a payment. On top of my car payment that was being paid on time each month. Not once did anyone mention the status of my account being delinquent as I called them twice a month to communicate payment. Soon enough as I m paying down the deposit I wake up to the car gone. Why? Because of the deposit. Wtf! You renig on your agreement. I will not let this people rob me. For my reasons of recorded conversations in the office and over the phone. For the fact they sold me a car with fraudulent mileage. So against the law. And then when I inquired of getting my car back. They want $3,680. I wouldn t dare give these people another dime! They can keep that salvaged title, lemon, rattling put back together of a car. Funny thing, is I sadly feel relieved that the car is out of my hands. The first months I had to buy new tires cuz the ones on the car were rotted. The Window regulator broke, so couldn t row that down. The heat blew out cold air. The convertible top rattles. I spent hours hoping to find golf balls in there. But I guess cuz it s a wreck. Low oil. Radio that goes out when it wants to. Knocking noises from a damaged frame when turning into driveways! Argh! I new I was in for it when I got on the freeway to go back home and the car rattled like I had a car full of baby rattles. So yes I m disgusted with myself for doing business with these people. But best believe I will let the law handle them. I have all that I need to show these people you don t play with people s hard earned money. And definitely not mine. Justice will be served!

Once again. The cars look nice online. Not so great in person. Take your money to where the service you pay for will be reciprocated by the service you receive and the quality of the product that you buy.

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