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Stir is Chef Barbara Lynch’s demonstration kitchen and cookbook store: a space for her team and guests to eat, drink, gather and — of course — learn.

Our Classes

Demonstration classes are structured around guests observing the cooking techniques and processes of the chefs as they prepare the evening’s menu. While you gaze upon them slicing, dicing, and cooking, you are welcome to free your inquisitive intuitions and flood the chefs with questions. As you indulge in delightful conversation with the chefs, the sommelier of the evening will introduce each course’s wine pairing.

Chef’s Table classes seek to transform the space in to an intimate dinner party of strangers mingling and fostering new friendships around the chef’s beautiful five course tasting menu, exquisitely paired with wines. Although there are no structured cooking demonstrations, the chefs are eager to answer any and all questions cooking related or otherwise. The evening is meant to pay homage to our sister restaurants Menton and No. 9 Park and their respective tasting menus.

Wine classes are a fun departure from Stir’s typical offerings and challenge the chefs to “reverse pair” the evening’s menu with a series of hand-selected wines for the class. Although these classes do not feature any structured cooking demonstrations, you will revel the opportunity to delve deep in discovery wine studies!

Cookbook classes are one of Stir’s signature (and favorite!) offerings. The team at Stir is constantly working with exciting cookbooks, whether new releases or old favorites, and the chefs relish any opportunity to hand-select their favorite recipes from their favorite book and create a memorable five course meal. The evening will include ample cooking demonstrations, expertly-paired wines, and a copy of the evening’s featured book!

Hands On classes encourage guests to roll up their sleeves and put on their aprons for an interactive class. Whether learning pasta making and shapes or different sauces and techniques, guests will work alongside the Stir chefs to create the evening’s meal. Due to the intimate size of Stir, only 6 guests may be accommodated for hands on style classes.

We are incredibly lucky to have a company filled with passionate people who are eager to share their knowledge of food, wine, spirits, hospitality and food history.

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